True Friendship : Stray Dog’s Loyalty Shines as It Remains with Injured Pregnant Dog Near the Busy Highway


We all know that dogs are loyal companions for humans, but this story demonstrates that they also have each other’s backs.

Marley, a German shepherd, was presumably struck by a car in Muscoy, California, and Murphy, her best friend, refused to leave her side.

They patiently waited for assistance for hours as cars rushed by, oblivious to their plight.

Eventually, a kind-hearted motorist stopped and contacted Dream Fetchers: Project Rescue, who aided them.

According to one of the rescue team members of a non-profit organization, Faith Easdale, a dog named Marley was lying on the side of the road in excruciating pain.

They rushed to the scene and discovered Marley in great distress and heavy breathing. They were uncertain whether she would even survive.


Murphy kept watch as Easdale and a colleague assisted the injured dog into the vehicle.

Murphy positioned himself behind Marley and rested his head on her stomach after ensuring the safety of the larger dog in the back seat.

According to Easdale, transporting the injured dog was extremely difficult, but Murphy remained by her side throughout the ordeal.

While the rescuers rushed to the hospital, Murphy remained by Marley’s side, providing her with comfort and support.

Additional X-ray examination revealed that Marley had sustained multiple fractures.

However, it was unexpected to learn that Marley was carrying eleven puppies during her pregnancy.


Murphy remained by Marley’s side for several days until he determined that the pregnant dog was no longer in danger.

Easdale stated that although Murphy could visit Marley in the hospital, his energy would be too much for her as she was still recuperating.

Eventually, Easdale assisted Murphy in locating a permanent residence.

Despite having two of her legs in casts, the courageous mother dog, Marley, gave birth to eleven healthy puppies despite the difficulty of the task.

Despite her injuries, she cared for and nursed her puppies with tenderness.

Marley has completely recovered from her injuries after two years of veterinary appointments and care. Her puppies are now adults and have found homes of their own.


According to a Facebook post by her adoptive family, Marley remains as sweet and beautiful as the day they brought her home. She plays and runs as though she has never broken a bone.


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