Incredible Moment as Rhinoceros Charges Photographer, Resulting in Rare Photos


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In a heart-stopping encounter, a fearless photographer in Kenya captured astonishing images of a white rhinoceros charging straight toward him.

The breathtaking scene unfolded at Nairobi National Park, providing a rare glimpse into the world of this endangered species.

Thrilling Photo Show Rhino Charging Towards Camera After A Fight 1

The remarkable photographs depict the massive three-ton rhinoceros racing down a dirt track with all four feet momentarily airborne, creating the illusion of the animal soaring through the air.

The photographer, Mr. Gurcharan, stood his ground instead of seeking safety, seizing the perfect opportunity to capture this intense moment.


Initially, Mr. Gurcharan assumed the rhinos were engaged in playful behavior. However, upon reviewing the pictures, he noticed blood spots, indicating a more serious encounter.

He had observed the rhino family for about 30 minutes as they engaged in vigorous movements and fights.

Suddenly, one of the mother rhinoceroses turned and sprinted toward the photographers, instilling terror in Mr. Gurcharan’s companion.

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Despite the adrenaline-fueled situation, Mr. Gurcharan, who had been photographing this rhino family for five years, remained remarkably calm.

He recognized that these rhinos were not typically aggressive and saw the charging mother rhino as an extraordinary opportunity for a photograph.

In a heart-pounding sequence, all four rhinos took turns charging towards the photographers. Fortunately, they veered away at the last moment, narrowly missing their intended targets.

Image 126

Mr. Gurcharan skillfully captured an entire sequence of the charging rhino’s feet on the ground, with the most captivating shot showing the animal seemingly suspended mid-air.

The photograph has elicited astonishment from viewers, who often inquire about the backstory and whether the rhino genuinely charged at the photographer.

For Mr. Gurcharan, photography serves as the ultimate form of relaxation. After returning home from the park, he falls asleep effortlessly, unburdened by worries.

Even the heart-stopping moment of a rhino charging directly at him contributes to his sense of tranquility.

It’s important to note that rhinoceroses face numerous threats, particularly the white rhino. There are two subspecies of white rhinos: the southern white rhino, with an estimated population of 19,682–21,077 in the wild, and the critically rare northern subspecies, comprising only two females in captivity.

Poachers often target these majestic creatures for their valuable ivory tusks. Historical poaching, especially during the colonial era, has played a significant role in the decline of white rhino populations.


Rhinos’ large size, poor eyesight, and tendency to move in herds make them vulnerable to poaching.

The encounter captured by Mr. Gurcharan serves as a powerful reminder of the challenges these magnificent animals face in their fight for survival.


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