Unusual Partnership: Owl Raises Duckling Mistaken as Its Own



In an extraordinary tale straight out of a storybook, a photographer from Florida captured a remarkable real-life partnership in her backyard. Laurie Wolf, residing in Jupiter, initially believed that an eastern screech owl in a nearby tree had its own owl hatchlings.

However, upon closer inspection, it became evident that the adorable yellow bird beside the nest was a tiny duckling raised by the owl as its own. This unexpected bond has left Wolf in awe, even to this day.


At first, Wolf had concerns about the predatory owl potentially preying on the wood duck chick. Seeking expert advice, she contacted a bird specialist who confirmed her fears.

Fearing for the baby bird’s safety, Wolf arranged for a local wildlife sanctuary to care for it if she managed to capture it.


However, as she and her husband attempted to capture the duckling, it unexpectedly jumped out of the box and hurried towards a nearby pond. Since then, the duckling has yet to be seen by Wolf.

The phenomenon of different bird species caring for the eggs of others is not uncommon.

Wood ducks, known for not laying all their eggs in one place, often deposit their eggs in other birds’ nests, hoping that some will hatch and pass on their genes to the next generation.

Speaking to National Geographic, Christian Artuso mentioned a similar incident in 2007 when an owl incubated and hatched three wood duck chicks.


This behavior can be seen as a survival strategy, increasing the chances of passing genetic material to a predator in case of egg loss.


Although the eggs of owls and ducks look distinctively different, it remains a mystery why the parents do not recognize that they are incubating a different species.

Christian Artuso expressed his fascination with this behavior and stated that while such occurrences are not widely documented, they happen.

He sees it as a way of not “keeping all your eggs in one basket,” where spreading eggs increases the likelihood of passing on genetic material.

As for the duckling, its leap of faith likely allowed it to survive. Wood duck chicks are considered precocial, meaning they can almost fend for themselves initially.


The heartwarming story of the owl raising a duckling, unaware of the mix-up, serves as a reminder of the incredible bonds and instincts found in the animal kingdom.

It is a testament to the wonders of nature that continue to surprise and captivate us.


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