Elephant Defends Its Territory, Chasing Giraffes Away from Watering Hole


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A group of giraffes in Botswana faced the wrath of an irritated elephant when they attempted to share its watering hole.

Eager to cool off in the water, the giraffes were caught off guard by the charging elephant calf that rushed up behind them.

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An angry elephant startled a group of giraffes when they tried to share his water hole in Botswana. Source: Caters News

Wildlife photographer Janet Kleyn, 52, captured the intense moment at the Mashatu Game Reserve.

Kleyn shared her observations, saying, “As soon as the elephants came through the trees and caught sight of the giraffes at the water, this young elephant started trumpeting and running at them.”

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The giraffes were trying to cool off in the water but were spooked by the stampeding elephant calf who rushed up behind them. Source: Caters News

According to Kleyn, elephants typically don’t appreciate other animals invading their space at a watering hole and will often chase them away.


While young elephants particularly enjoy this activity, it’s usually not serious. However, there can be instances where an animal gets injured. In this case, though, the giraffes simply ran off.

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The tower of giraffes quickly dispersed after noticing the onrushing elephant who charged at the animals. Source: Caters News

Image 88

The dramatic scenes were captured by wildlife photographer Janet Kleyn, 52, at the Mashatu Game Reserve. Source: Caters News

Image 89

The elephant calf approached the giraffes from the bushes and quickly rushed toward them while they were cooling off. Source: Caters News


Image 90

Elephants tend not to be fond of other animals sharing their space at a water hole and will often chase them away. Source: Caters News


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